12 December 2005

What's that celery doing in my dream!?

MCAryeh and I were discussing the latest Haveil Havalim (which is a marvel), and the conversation quickly took a turn for the bizarre.

Anyone who can interpret the dream therein to my benefit and amusement...

'laizer: I like the Tel Aviv bar names.
'laizer: :sigh:
MCAryeh: I like the "that guy in the picture from Uman" one...
'laizer: Naw, that was just a picture of someone nobody knew and some links to some regurgitated prose.
'laizer: I didn't realize there was a Dry Bones blog!
MCAryeh: some beautiful regurgitated prose. Can I nominate you for the Jewish Blog Awards?
'laizer: I don't even know what they are, but I just had a strange afternoon dream.
MCAryeh: I love strange afternoon dreams!!! so much better than mid-morning ones!
'laizer: I was sitting in my place, but it wasn't my place, and lots of people where there, doing things that lots of people do. They were all friends, but none of them close friends. It was a pretty chill atmosphere.
MCAryeh: why was that a dream? are you sure that wasn't you just being hospitable as you are wont to?
'laizer: Someone mentioned (as we were exploring the fridge. I remember some celery, I think) that everything that exists in this world exists in three states (they were talking about solid, liquid, and gas.)
MCAryeh: I would have guessed Wyoming, Idaho and Utah...
'laizer: I was about to tell them about an experiment that a friend did, where he showed that the oil in a candle goes through a gaseous state right before it gets burned up. ;)
MCAryeh: all sounds very plausible...
'laizer: When someone comes out of the bathroom and starts talking right in the middle of my sentence. I yell at him that I was in the middle of my sentence, and he yells at me that I just cut him off in the middle of his sentence.
'laizer: I start telling him to let it out, yell at me, don't keep it contained...
MCAryeh: did you smack his face with a white glove and challenge him to a duel? that's what I would have done...
'laizer: I start listing the reasons he might be pissed at me...
'laizer: Tell him to just lay it out.
MCAryeh: was it the celery or the whole gaseous candle thing?
'laizer: He sits down and finally starts laying it out - "you made me wait 45 minutes, and ..., and ... (I don't remember exactly what.) At some point he starts playing guitar. Then amidst all the goings on...
MCAryeh: what song is he playing?
'laizer: He says - "And I just read in Wired magazine that this place is supposed to be like the Hippies or something!" And I get all tied up in a ball, thinking "great, we're on Wired's radar. Some of these folks must have made up all kinds of stories."
'laizer: I don't know what song he was playing, but I liked the guy, it was good tunes.
'laizer: I have a great embarrassment to be revealed publicly and inaccurately, but counter that with a resurging urge to be real. As I'm breaking through this (and picking ignorantly at the wires on a guitar) the guy mutters under his breath "Mushrooms and stuff..." and I wake up.
MCAryeh: were you literally tied up in a ball? how did that happen? were you able to escape?
'laizer: I meant emotionally man, emotionally.
MCAryeh: mushrooms AND stuff? together?
'laizer: Not sure what was intended by 'stuff'. Best left unexplored, methinks.
'laizer: Anyway, that's what I think about the Jewish Blog Awards.
MCAryeh: I think you should blog that dream and encourage interpretations....
'laizer: I think I should blog this conversation.


Kalman Rushdie said...

One of the most perfect posts I've ever read. It really brings both of you to life.

I'm just glad MC wasn't actually there in the dream. I believe him about the glove and duel stuff.

Kalman Rushdie said...

I also love how you're dreaming about Wired and hippies. I think I could venture a guess at what that's about.

MC Aryeh said...

Clearly, you are meant to open a branch of the House Of Love and Prayer for Passive-Agressive Celery-loving Impatiently-musical Scientific Grammarians (otherwise known as FRED). Guests are encouraged to spew forth Kantian eisegesis, partake of 'shroom- stuffed mushrooms and tangle themselves in either literal or figurative balls (their choice).

The conversation takes on an entirely new meanings when our names are red and blue....