24 July 2006

Sparks of Return

Ahhh. Familiar shoes.
[Interesting world familiar. It looks like it's a cousin of 'family'. What could be more familiar than family?]

Sitting in Jerusalem, feeling not very threatened at all by the war up north. Have to keep in mind what's a-brewin' so as to keep myself praying for our soldiers and our nation. Spent last week in the States, amazed by how much coverage our tussle gets. I wonder if they know why they pay so much attention to what goes on here. They probably think it's the oil. I think that there's a collective awareness, usually subconscious, that Israel is extra-historic. It's beyond history, beyond reason. People sense that what's happening here is the most important thing that could possibly be happening; they intuitively know that this is the center of the world.

So here I am returning to writing on these pages. What drew me back? A drive to write. I haven't been writing at all. Somehow this here blank screen gives me a push of motivation. It would be better if I wrote without the drive of people seeing what I write, but I don't think I'm there right now. I need something to write on up against.

Got a call about two months back that I have to leave my apartment, and with all the strings cut loose and the options open turned around and around and decided to head on out to Bat Ayin, this time for a longer stint. I'm refurbishing an old caravan there. The whole project called out my latent love for design, and I've been rolling around loving the sketching and measuring and plotting and getting re-acquainted with a pattern language and all this for a little caravan. I may have gone overboard. It's two more weeks to moving day and today I was out there watching all of the spackling and painting and drilling and admiring the new big hole that's been knocked in the wall for the window.

I'm looking forward to being out in nature, and I'm looking forward to being ten feet from the Beit Midrash, and I'm hoping that we'll be able to put together a fire burning presence of God group of wily holy geniuses out there to set the place alight.

God Speed and Good Grace to all the readers. Stay strong.