01 February 2006

The Night Frenetic

New York City blots out the stars with massive banks of gaseous glowing lights.
It puts people on stages and stages and stages and calls them stars.
In the morning it spits out a full bus every 5 seconds from Port Authority.
Every moment of the day the streets are teaming with life.
There are thousands of thousands of people in this massive city,
and the whole thing is but a dust mote on the edge of the galaxy,
a tiny spec in the brain-numbing vastness of the universe.

Everything before the Infinite is as naught.

Moments of beauty here stand out in sharp relief -
An understated and dignified building,
A sleeping child's hand hanging outside the stroller,
Patterns of light and smoke against the night sky,
The first touch of the sun, in winter, on stone.


MC Aryeh said...

I hear smooth jazz and taste fine wine....just beautiful, even if it is New York you are describing in such lovely terms...

oishkapipik said...

"In the morning it spits out a full bus every 5 seconds from Port Authority."

I read this a few days ago, I was really blown away, really! Writing like that is art!!!!

the reason I picked this one line is because it keeps popping in my head, just picturing all these people pumping out of these busses every 5 seconds. Where all they all going? It reminds me of a manual water pump that never stops.

'laizer said...

Thank you gentleman, both, for the complements.

Oishk', maybe NY could add something similar to thier ad campaign...maybe - "New York City: The People Pump." or "NYC: Lots of energy and not a whole lot of direction."

Shoshana said...

I am glad you are able to see the beauty of NY - I have a hard time with that part of it, though I do find small inspirations amidst the mundane from time to time.

'laizer said...

Ramblin' Rose - thanks for stopping by.

You come to visit Israel... I come to visit New York... All things being equal, I'd rather live on this side, and visit on that side.

Still NY does have it's share of beauty. Part of the dynamic for me over there is that I have to put on my New-York-emotional-armor just to navigate the streets. I sometimes forget to take it off to let in a ray of light...

Shoshana said...

I think I would rather have it your way around also - maybe one day.

And an Ipod is a great way to make the streets of NY a bit bearable. It's great adding my own soundtrack to the building and sidewalks and tons of people in such a hurry.