20 February 2006

Dating Sucks

I'm full-on-sick of being alone and full-on-sick of dating.

It sucks.

I want to be done with it.

I'm reading in Tanya that everything is for the good - that the things that SUCK are actually a higher level of good, so good that they're hidden away from us and all we get is this sense of something BUGGIN' us.

I can see how my years (and years) of dating have carved out the person I am, but it's been a carving and it hurts and I want to be through it already. I know it's for the good, but right now my world is small enough that I just feel like it SUCKS.

That's that.



Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly!

Shoshana said...

On this one, you are certainly not alone. I hope the suckiness ends soon for you.

'laizer said...

Thanks for the s'port!

~ Sarah ~ said...

yep, you are not alone on this one.
echoes how i feel too.
it's so hard to keep remembering that it's all for the best when life seems so difficult.
still, don't give up! best of luck :)
shabbat shalom!