06 January 2006

Praying for Sharon?

A few people have asked me if I'm praying for Sharon.
Not a simple question.

Am I praying for Sharon?

I can not sit in judgment on the life of any man.
God heals the sick.
Everything is in his hands.
The sickness of a man,
the rise and fall of a ruler,
the rise and fall of a government,
the enacting or failure of a plan.
Here a man who fought wars,
established communities
and uprooted them
who has been cast in the role of Mordechai
and Haman.
Here a country divided and broken
would he unite it
or drive it to ruin?

Am I praying for Sharon?

I pray that God's will be done,
that all sickness be healed
(sickness of body,
sickness of soul,
sickness of the individual,
sickness of society)
and that we know peace.

And you?


oishkapipik said...

I may not agree on many of his policies but I admire anyone who devotes his entire life to this country. I think its a Gemorrah that states Manheig Choleh, Am Choleah! I know we don't have a religious government but I wonder if it still applies.

MC Aryeh said...

I am davening that whatever happens should be in line with what is best for Eretz Yisrael. My heart is drawn there even more in times of unrest and uncertainty...

'laizer said...

oishkapipik, MCA - thanks for your feelings.