09 January 2006

The Goods

By what grace was I nominated for a JIB award? Must be I have a friend who favors me. If you've come here, I might as well show you what's worth seeing...

I seem to write best when I'm moving.

Missives from Eastern Europe:
Visiting the Holy Baal Shem
From Mehzbehz to Uman
Uman Uman Rosh Hashannah

Impressions of Amsterdam

and the hills of the Holy Land:
Going out to Country

What else is worth seeing?
Maybe some of the Hasidic stories and portraits:
For The Love Of...
Into The Woods
The Karliner Chassid and The Rich Man
one towards the bottom of a Grab Bag of Light

...and some note on storytelling itself.

That's that... Enjoy yourself!

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MC Aryeh said...

Hey, I was working on a piece which profiles the best of your blog! And I'm ging to post it anyway! So there!