11 March 2008

A Little Bit Crazy

Better if she thinks I'm a little bit crazy
and loves me anyway.

how can I start singing and dancing
with no explanation?
I don't give an explanation to my self.

how can I follow my soul's direction,
in to infinite vistas or holocaust ovens?
These things come to me, I can't ignore them.

Better if she thinks I'm a little bit crazy
and loves me anyway.

how can I ever really laugh, or cry?
how can I find myself jacked up on raw electric energy
or devastated and born anew by the way a hawk circles in the air?

Better, I say, if she thinks I'm a little bit crazy
and I think she's a little bit crazy too.

That way we can both dance our way
into God.

Image by Wili_Hybrid


the sabra said...

This is awesome. I gotta keep this one. Post it, share it.


Anonymous said...

Shalom, Laizer.

Because your soul is unique to you
Not made in the factories of secular man-made philosophy
Not reasoned, nor purchased
but given to you by the Living G-D
I know His Name
I sing it; I say it as He commanded
For He also commanded us to trust in Him, and He knows my love for Him
I trust Him
My soul also dances before Him
Dances, whirling and laughing
As all who would hurt me are thwarted and I am left in awe
Nothing that I am, and still He shields me, helps me
For my G-D can do anything, I know
He is unstoppable, invincible
He calls to all of us
And we all approach Him from different directions
But He is constant: He changes not.
thoughts of Him make me live
When the whole world of men makes me bend my face to the dust
and I see others in the dust with me
knowing that only He can raise us from it
Ha'Azinu has the answer!
When He sees His servants have no might left, and neither free nor bond left...then...
and for now, I'll close my eyes
and weep..and pray that the world will open its heart unto Him
I'll tremble, and hope He protects me, pray He forgives me

Shema Yisrael, YHWH Elohaynoo,
YHWH Ekhad.
Lachishia shoom'eesh

Anonymous said...

Look, look into the mirror
Shut the whirlwind of the world off
Step back and forget who they told you you were
Before you left Ur for Harran and Harran for the belief in your heart

Did you remember how clear it first was?
How clear?
And they assigned it to "your imagination," or "wishful thinking."
They chuckled and discounted as absurd what your heart told you was true
The words on the page did not change; nevertheless, the words did not match what "they" told you the words meant.
And the intent so plain and true explained away
After all of this: step back, take a breath, and look in the mirror.
Just look.
Wait for a minute or so, then read these words:

Sometimes before you know who you are
You first must find out who you are not

Emet l'olam, bevaqasha

Lachishia shoom'eesh

Nancy said...

Indeed. What's the point in posing as perfect beings to one another. We all are crazy inside in some way or the other. Its better to show them our crazy side and hope they love us anyway.

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News