09 December 2007

On Farming

It's Shmittah over here in Israel, so I'm taking my farming online. I'm starting to write a technical blog. It's called Sowing Light (nice name, huh?) and you can find it wherever the Internet is...


Anonymous said...

Wilderness city. The first time I have seen your site.

For the city is the wilderness,
And it is walled: the walls immutable and invisible
Immutable for those who declare themselves citizens of the city
Invisible for those who have forgotten, or remembered but denied

For He will restore our captivity as of old,
He will free us, as is written in Ha'Azinu...when He sees there is no might left among His children, neither bond nor free left
All of it is conditional not temporal
So many so busy looking, watching, waiting for the time...the time
The time that their lives flit by in the manner of the mayfly, as it is written: as blades of grass, flowers in a field
They clutch the tangible so tightly they break it
The grip will relax eventually
It all begins when we will stand
Stand, right now.
Before the mountain of G-D
Nitzavim said so: the covenant to be made with those that stood there that day, and with the generations unborn.
Such words are a whisper? Such a whisper can be a shout, a shofar! Ten-thousand exploding suns!
"Take me!" the Torah silently cries.
Tehillim 23: the rod of discipline, the staff to lean upon.
I pray, now, that all will take it.
For I? Ani lo klum...klum...
I...am only one of those ones who will tremble...will pray to make it out
Before the cities become balls of fire, the wildernesses of the city
And across the land, the smoke of their burning to blot out the very light of the sun
For I cannot save myself; only He can save me, and you
Not by might but by His spirit will He lead us forth.
From the Sodomim, the Amoraiim
To the place where we will live upon His providence: to the tents, the flocks, the herds, as He wanted it to be...as the Neviim have foretold it will be again.
Take Torah now.
And allow the greater reality to envelop you. Shalom, v'l'chayim.
Lachishia shoom'eesh
the whisper of a nobody

'laizer said...

Shoom'eesh -

Happy to provide a place for your whisperings...


Anonymous said...

Shalom, 'Laizer
Read this: and may you see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel.

The wind blows the leaves
They scatter, they scatter
Some settle in a pile, others in pairs, others alone
Puddles, puddles....puddles of light
For He has scattered us, Baruch HaShem YHWH, HaKodesh Yisra'el.
Bend, bend at the knees, and face the Bayis HaMikdash and the Holy of Holies: the spot is there, do not doubt it, for no man can destroy where G-D hath set His Holy Name forever
Know this: the apple of His eye is there, and in it you are reflected as you face it, for you are made in His image, Hallelujah l'olam, Baruch Hashem kvod malkooto l'olam va'ed.

Face the spot, and if you close your eyes...you can see the melachim facing one another, the Ark of gold, hovering in the darkness...the light above it the presence of Elohim Chayyim...
Now listen...the shofar
Long and deep...deeper than the oceans...seven seconds each blast
He calls. The Presence of the Living G-D! Can you hear it? He calls all to Him through emunah, through teshuvah.
Covenant with Him now!

For the most of us, the Bar Mitzvah...the Bat Mitzvah...was the end, not the beginning.
The formality was concluded
And those sons and daughters swore to a covenant which they did not completely understand...and not understanding, how could they maintain their oath? They were sacrificed on an altar of social propriety and convention...step forward, forget HaTorah, and mount the wheel of higher education toward the treadmill of commerce.

It is written in Acharei Mot:
Ushmartem et chukkotai ve'et mishpatai asher ya'aseh otam ha'adam vachai bahem: ani YHWH.

Thus, we! Have we kept our oath unto Him, the covenant we swore to uphold?

The answer? Let it be the truth: that if so, He may bless you for it, and if not, the words bear witness against you.

We have failed, and my heart screams, crying. We have failed to be as lights unto the world. We have failed to live as He wishes us to live...depending upon Him and Him alone. Taking care of one another, and welcoming the stranger. Goy and ger are opposite. The goyim deny after hearing the truth. The ger stumbles through the desert unknowing and unseeing. When he stumbles upon our camp, will we deny him? For all men belong to HaShem.

Would we deny the mission of the Living G-D incumbent upon all of us? Restore our captivity, O G-D of our fathers, I beg Thee! Restore us to the tents, to the flocks and herds, to the seasonal farming and the harvests, for the providence is Thine.

He calls, 'Laizer. Ohh, He calls...and Eretz Yisrael is where we set our feet while uphoding the Torah...for all men...as told us in Nitsavim...then..and now.

For if we, the people He has chosen, do not do His bidding when we have known His will...are the gerim who know naught truly worse than we? If we deny the stranger, we deny the Living G-D Who sent the ger unto us.

Chi mi tzion tay tsay Torah u'd'var YHWH mirushalayim

Our mission: to learn, to live, to teach the Torah of the Living G-D.

Each day. Can you hear the shofar? Ohh, the sound of it...the sound of it.
B'rachos v'shalom
You are in my prayers.
Lachishia Shoom'eesh