24 July 2007

And for my Friends from the Beach...


It's been two years since we forcibly moved 8000 people from Gush Katif. Most of them are still living in temporary situations. Financial problems abound. Psychological hardship. Not much movement on the government's side. Not much attention in the media. Mainstream media seems to be silent. Only Artuz 7 is still paying attention.

I don't think the disengagement was a smart move, but if we're going to do it, can't we at least do it right? These people risked their lives daily for Israel and for the Jewish People. A good portion of them had been evacuated from Sinai after the agreement with Egypt, and explicitly asked by the Israeli government to settle in the Gaza strip. They made the desert bloom, just like the vision. Now they're wanderers, and rocket launchers are stationed on their old farms. Where's the justice?

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'laizer said...

It gets a mention here and here, but it's just a footnote to the stories on Har Eitam, and doesn't really go into the issue.