19 November 2006

What we Carry

Often thought that the things in my bags and pockets shed n light on somehow my essence, or at least paint a staccato picture of my inner world.

Wallet with it's credit cards, string of IDs over time, frequent flyer cards, a few different currencies
Bags with siddurim, pain killers, lots of water.
Shlepping back from the States with - favors - a Fender '67 Strat, three boxes of Bran Buds, and two packages of corn holders.
Celebrate, from time to time, that my pockets are no longer the place of lighters and cigarettes, contraband, and the means of its administration.
A box of a house packed in with holy books, vinyl records, a guitar I don't play, and too many computers.

Looking for an empty bag now, Ignorance by far the more valuable than knowledge.


oishkapipik said...

Such a deep insight! I have to think about this one for a while.

Whenever I come back my bags are usually stuffed with candy treats, tortillas, and random sauces that you can't get here.

I also notice that almost always my pant pockets are stuffed with empty candy wrappers, new and used tissues, and random papers that probably should have been thrown away. I am scared to examine what all this means.

Anonymous said...

When I travel I like to carry a small Tehillim with me. I can check in at http://www.pleasedaven.com to get some names of people who need tehillim said for them.
Oh yeah, I also carry a smile. :)

'laizer said...

Both good things...