11 August 2006

Great Titles

The Book of Knowledge
The Book of Love
The Book of Time
The Book of Women
The Book of Holiness
The Book of Vows
The Book of Seeds
The Book of Service
The Book of Encounters
The Book of Purity
The Book of Damage
The Book of Aquiring
The Book of Judgement
The Book of Judges

Great titles, no?

So what do you think these are?


A Simple Jew said...

Rambam, Mishneh Torah

'laizer said...

To me they sound like something out of a fantasy novel - great and esoteric works of half-forgotten knowledge and lore. I'm particularly fond of the "Book of Encounters." Taken out of context, it's wonderous.

yitz.. said...

at first i thought it was mishnayot.. but then i noticed the order, and a few sefarim peculiar to the rambam..

it does sound really arcane and musty.. alas, with torah the demands that fall upon you from learning it never let you experience it in a pure gandaulfian way..

also makes me wonder how much i over-simplify other people's ancient culture.. ie: the upanishads were fun because it was like a cross between reading tolkein and learning midrash..

WanderingStu said...

Some day, the ancient Spyrits of Olde, who dwell in the 5th heaven, under the foundation stone of the Kise haKavod, will reveal the 15th book of the ancient Alchemist, the Mad Arab Maimonides-- the BOOK OF STU

'laizer said...

As opposed to the Book of Stew, which is the medievel sisterhood cookbook.