06 October 2005

The Deepest Laughter

I've seen it written that one who doesn't cry during Rosh Hashannah isn't really plugged in to what's going on - that every person is passing one-by-one in front of God, who sees into the deepest, most hidden places of their life, heart, and soul.

There's truth to this, but there's also another face.

If I really know that God is King, really know that he created and creates the world from nothing, what am I? God is the only necessary existence, I have no place to make demands, no rights to stand on. By rights, the world itself shouldn't exist - why would God bother to create?

I'm as nothing before him - really nothing.

But he does create the world, he does create me every second, he does provide me with every breath, he does shower me with uncountable blessings.

I and the world have no right to exist, but he creates us anyway! What reaction can I have but to laugh?

The Deepest Laughter.

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MC Aryeh said...

Just beautiful. This is why I connect so much more to chassidut than to mussar. Will there be daily installments? Or perhaps hourly? Yeah, go with hourly.