25 August 2005

Free Llama!

These days it seems like anything goes. I've found that even those people who would spend fifty dollars and two hours to return a lost book think nothing of downloading movies from the shadow world of online exchange. Somehow it has become a moral non-question. I've even heard it said that 'stealing' in this way is not prohibited (though some add - 'but you will never see a blessing from it.')

The question you're likely asking is - what does this have to do with the fuzzy guy to the right? Well, he's a shining example of a no-strings-attached image, placed by it's rightful owner firmly into the public domain. He's not alone. There are over 200,000 public domain files available at Wikimedia Commons alone, all of them either completely free (as in no-strings-attached) or under some sort of fair-use license like those of the Creative Commons.

Now that's something you might see a blessing from...

1 comment:

MC Aryeh said...

So.....there's no real free llama? What if we got the Dalai Lama back into Tibet?