28 July 2005

Rabbi Moshe Cordovero

This Shabbos is the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero.

Deep appreciation to anyone who can tell me a story about him.

Most of the info I have is from an antiseptic Artscroll half-page biography (which reminds us that he is called the "RaMaK" after his initials, that he wrote tens of books - including "Or Yakar" on the Zohar, "Pardes Rimonim", and "Tomer Devorah" - and that he was the leading kabbalist in Safed when the Arizal arrived.)

One interesting thing - he passed away soon after the Arizal arrived in Safed. The Arizal called him "My Master and Teacher" and testified that he saw a pillar of fire preceding his coffin.

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