17 June 2005

Missive from Atlantis?

I don't spend a lot of time watching movies, but I saw a trailer for What the #$*! do we Know and picked up the DVD on my last pass through the States. Ever since I took a course in the philosophy of physics I've had an interest in the greater implications of quantum mechanics. Unfortunelty, the movie turned out to be scientifically wishy-washy and the thinly vieled mouthpiece of a cult.

People are thirsty, that's much is clear.

Why else would they be drinking such dirty water?

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Kobe said...

Ah dirty water. We all drink it because we don't know better. People drink dirty martinis too. Why? Why ruin sweet gin with olive juice? Eeyoooeu. An olive soaked in gin, great, but not the other way around.

But we all drink dirty water. We cook with it. We bathe in it. Rabbi Berel Wein said once at Shapells "We are so afraid of throwing the baby out with the bathwater that we've kept all the bath water."

And imagine how black that water is by now! We're so sure that everything in the water looks dark and shaded that the shadows often become our only reality, ala the cave.

So, while I agree, I felt like adding that on the grand continuum of perception, we are not too far from Scientologists et al. Our collective quest must continue, and if they're walking around in circles, we have to blaize a better path. We gotta stop filtering out the bugs by leaving all the dirt...